• Bottom Jobs

      Here is how your bottom job should be done and why.After this quick lesson you will better understand the difference in the services we provide to those in the know when it comes to protecting your investment.

    • Mechanical Services

      Pro Yacht is able to handle all scheduled maintenance and most minor mechanical problems. Major overhauls and repowers we can offer project management services with one of our preferred heavy mechanical partners.

    • Paint Services

      A new paint job on your boat is an investment in your asset. Weather you have had the boat since new, or you acquired the boat used, most boats will require paint every 10-15 years.

    • Decking Services

      If your deck is looking tired and worn, Pro Yacht has a solution to restore the beauty and functionality to one of the most important aspects of your boat. Without a sound and functional deck, you may find yourself and your crew slipping and stumbling.

    • Electrical Services

      Electrical systems on boats can be a nightmare. Rule of thumb says the older the boat, the worse the electrical system.

    • Plumbing Services

      Plumbing in your boat is not something most skippers think about until there is a leak, clog, or other malfunction.

    • Woodworking

      Pro Yacht employs some of the best and brightest wood workers on the Gulf Coast and has since 1998.

    • Crew Services

      Pro Yacht offers full crew services for your comfort, convenience, and enjoyment. Our USCG licensed Captains offer decades of experience in all sorts of specialty areas of boating, from SCUBA and fishing trips to US and International deliveries.

    • Fiberglass Services

      Pro Yacht offers OEM quality fiberglass and gelcoat repair. Cored hulls, decks, structural bulkhead tabbing are some of our more popular services, yet we are only limited by your imagination.

What We Believe

Honesty, integrity, and best effort in any endeavor or project are the driving principles behind each and every one of our crew. It’s how Captain Buck was raised and how he chooses to run his business. The marine industry is rife with fly by night contractors, captains, and poor work ethic. Professional Yacht Management (Pro Yacht) strives to always hold the best interest of our customers before our own. With a happy clientele, comes a thriving business and this is what has kept Pro Yacht leading the pack since 1998 solely by word of mouth. We have expanded our crew and reach with our new location at Seabrook Shipyard, but we will never compromise our core principles.

Our goal is to not only serve your boat’s needs, but your lifestyle needs as well. From simple necessary maintenance to full turnkey yacht management, Pro Yacht will be behind you whatever your needs may be. Rest assured that when you need help the most, someone will be there to answer your call anytime day or night, weekends and holidays too. Answers and solutions are only a phone call away.

Honesty, integrity, and best effort in any endeavor or project are the driving principles behind each and every one of our crew. ”